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Welcome to my fish page…..Enjoy….

Large Mouth Bass:

Brook Trout:



The Koi:

Fired background, mounted on black suede, white rustic /distressed wood frame.


A new obsession (besides fish) – RESIN!  I have used epoxy resin on projects such as back splashes and countertops before, but I haven’t experimented with layering.  These pieces below are about 1/2″ thick and have at least three pours with painting done on each pour resulting in a really cool look.  Really hard to show the layers in a photograph but look closely!


SOLD  This Sunfish took second place in it’s category at the Oil Heritage Festival Art Show!


Polymer Clay

Lately I have been playing with polymer clay.  It’s good to get out of your comfort zone on occasion!  I think these are a bit whimsical.

Please excuse the bad photography – these are MUCH better “in person”!  Hard enough to take photos of reflective copper double hard when there is glass involved.








SOLD . I called this one “Mommy &  Me”.




Two Fish – SOLD

Playing with polymer clay!

Playing with polymer clay!

Walleye: Patina background, mounted on black suede, wood/gold frame. SOLD




Blue Gills: SOLD

2 layers of copper, fired and distressed background, all floated on a black suede mat and framed.  Took honorable mention in the Oil City Heritage Art Show.

Three Sunfish


Small Mouth Bass:  SOLD

currently not framed…

Small Mouth Bass

Small Mouth Bass


Sunfish:  SOLD

I LOVE this frame!  Looks like it should be with fish…




Camp Fire Fish: SOLD

I threw this piece of copper into our camp fire and then cooled it off quickly with cold water…violla!  No painting!

Walleye: SOLD

12″ square plus frame

Floated on black suede mat with wood frame

Sunfish: 12″ square plus frame- SOLD

Love this frame!

Brook Trout:  SOLD measures 12×22.5″ (plus frame size).

Brook Trout

Tres Fish: SOLD


Three Fish

Large Mouth Bass:  12×12″ black frame: SOLD

Large Mouth Bass

The items below are sold, but may be ordered if you want….


Walleye2:  SOLD



Small Mouth Bass:  SOLD


Brook E. Trout


Brook Trout:  SOLD


Yellow Perch 2:   SOLD

The following pieces have been sold, but don’t let THAT stop you!  Ask and you shall receive a similar piece… because all pieces are done by hand, no two will look alike, but the original design is the starting point.  Take a look, maybe someone you know caught this fish and would love to have a memory of it….

Sold, but not forgotten: Still available for sale at a different site!

Walleye 1,


Mr. Wall I. One

Boca Grande!

Mr. Biggy M. Bass

Rainbow Trout:

Mr. Rain Bow Trout

Yellow Perch the First:

Perch the First


Sold, but not forgotten: The following pieces were sold to private parties… if you see a design you like, let me know!

Sunny #1:

Sunny Uno

Sunny 2:


Sunny Too!

Sunny Tres!

Sunny Tres!

Sunny Quatro:

Sunny Quatro

Large Mouth Bass:


Large Mouth Bass

Small Mouth Bass:


Small Mouth Bass


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