Floral & Other Home Decor

All the copper wall art shown here is  hand embossed and painted.    Although all effort is taken to represent the copper art as close as possible, please be advised that due to the reflective nature of the metal, color shifts in photography and computer displays, colors shown are approximate and may differ slightly from the product.   CONTACT ME FOR PRICES.

Scroll down to see all products, click on them for a larger view…..

Mallard Landing:

Wood Duck:

Heron: SOLD

Three Sunflowers with Patina background:

SOLD Double Sunflower with fire background:


Sunflower with patina: SOLD


Monarch: SOLD

This monarch!  My favorite butterfly!



 SOLD Woodpecker:





How about a little polymer clay with that sunflower??

The Other Side of the Fence:

The Other Side of the Fence


New this year (2016) – enameling….These leaves are fun and each one is different.  Only 1 left!

Grapes:  mounted on black suede with a green fabric frame inside a wood grape ivy frame!



SOLD:  Three Sunflowers:  with purple background, mounted on black suede with a wood frame.

Three Sunflowers

Three Sunflowers

SOLD Two Lotus:  Mounted on black suede with a wood frame…The frame has hints of color in it.



Poppies with Butterfly:

Patina background, mounted on black suede, wood frame.

Poppies with butterfly

Poppies with butterfly

SOLD  More Sunflowers:

It is so difficult to photograph these pieces sometimes!  I’ve added some detail photos here so you get the whole picture, so to speak.  The background is a vinegar/salt patina.  The piece is mounted on a black suede mat and then framed with a beautiful wood/gold frame.  The piece is not as orange-y as it looks in this photo.

The Framed Piece

The Framed Piece

Before it was finished… you can see the patina starting to take.  It ended up with more red tones than this photo.

photo 1

photo 5


photo 4

More detail

More detail

photo 2

Some detail

Maura’s Dogwood: SOLD

about 17″x27″, I used a vinegar and salt solution to create the patina which resulted with a touch of red amongst the green, floated on a black suede mat and framed.

Mauras Dogwood

Mauras Dogwood

Cherry Blossoms:  SOLD

26″x26″, floated on black suede mat and shadow box framed.  I experimented with splashing ink for a wind-blown effect.

Cherry Blossoms!

Cherry Blossoms!

Red Sunflower: SOLD

Floated on black suede mat, red lacquered frame..

Red Sunflower

Red Sunflower

Sunflower Table:  SOLD  This piece cannot be shipped!  Hesitated on posting it, but just had to share….

Another view

Another view

The ends are open with the copper wrapped around them...

The ends are open with the copper wrapped around them…

The finished piece

The finished piece


The Owl:  floated on black suede mat with a barn-wood-ish frame with a hint of copper color in it.

The Owl

The Owl

Detail of the Owl…

Detail - Owl

Detail – Owl

4 1/2 Sunflowers:  Floated on black suede mat… SOLD

4 1/2 Sunflowers

4 1/2 Sunflowers

 Eagle One…SOLD

Eagle #1... my first eagle...

Eagle #1… my first eagle…

 Eagle #2…

Eagle #2

Eagle #2

The Birch….SOLD

Measures approx 44″x15″ and is floated on black suede and finished with a two-toned frame.

The Birch

The Birch

Two Lotus: SOLD

Two Lotus

Two Lotus


Black Eyed Susans: SOLD


Happy Hour: SOLD

A fun piece for your entertainment area….

Martinis Framed

Poppies:  SOLD

California poppies…. It measures 34×24… patina and fire background….

This piece is floated on a black suede matt and then framed.

This piece is floated on a black suede mat and then framed.

The Peacock: SOLD

The Peacock

The Peacock



Measures 12″x24″, plus frame

The frame features bamboo..

The frame features bamboo..

Purple Flowers/ Kitchen Back Splash:  SOLD

Here we have “Purple Flowers”, it is also 30×10.5″ and the background is a home-made patina, framed, can be hung vertically or horizontally.  It is coated with an epoxy resin (not shown) and can be unframed and used as a kitchen back-splash.

Purple Flowers

Purple Flowers

Barney: SOLD

He’s a cat I knew when we lived in England…he is framed with a white frame, is 12×12″, and looks fabulous!



The items below have been sold, but if you like the design, you can order a similar piece…

The View…SOLD

The View

The View





Aspens: SOLD

Inspired while in Colorado…..

The Triptych: SOLD

Measures approx 52×24″, black mat with gold frame, patina background, 2 3-d butterflies attached…

Maple Leaves: SOLD

I think this frame really gives this piece a woodsy feel…

Fall Harvest…SOLD

Fall Harvest, floated on black suede with wood frame

Sunflower: SOLD   12×12″ plus frame …fired background.

Sunflower, floated on black suede with gold frame

Liquid Sunshine: SOLD

ice resin simulates rain drops….floated on black suede with gold frame

Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms: SOLD

Orchid: NFS

Orchid, fired background, cobalt blue lacquered frame

Lotus: SOLD



Another Sunflower!

Measures 12″ square… more of a jewel-tone color scheme… not framed yet

Another Sunflower


Burnished Sunflowers: SOLD

measures 13″x24

A beautiful red frame sets this off!

The Bee: SOLD

measures 24″x9.5″, plus frame

Find the Bee!

Sunflower w/Patina SOLD


The background patina turned out nice!


Something a little different…. Gustave Klimpt’s “The Kiss” was always one of my favorites.  This is my interpretation.  Another must see in person as it’s difficult to photograph.  It’s 12×12″ plus the frame.  The background has copper flakes in it.

The Kiss: SOLD

Klimpt’s The Kiss

Here is a horrible photo of the frame…. sorry!  It’s black and gold and really striking in person.

terrible photo of the frame! It’s black and gold….

Paper Whites: SOLD  36×12″, framed and offered for sale @ Victorian Art & Frame, Franklin, PA.  I will repost this picture when I get a  photo of it framed!  This piece is available for shipping.

Paper Whites

6 1/2 Sunflowers:  SOLD

Here we have Six and One-Half Sunflowers.  It measures 33×24″, and boasts new ink colors – mostly pastels.

6 1_2 Sunflowers, Framed!

Paper Whites: SOLD

A popular design, Paper Whites.  It has a fired background, and the frame is gorgeous in person!  Copper size is 36×24″.  Available for shipping.

Paper Whites, Framed, 36×24″

This piece is 24″ by 62″….SOLD

Too Big To Tote!

Autumn Leaves: SOLD

12×12″ Plus frame size…


Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves


Warhol Sunflowers: SOLD

Here we have a variation of sunflowers ala Andy Warhol (who hailed from Pittsburgh, Pa., too!).  I have had this piece framed since I posted it and will get an updated photo for you.  The framing was done by Sandy Cheropovich of Sandy’s Artworks in Meadville, PA.  Sandy does wonderful artistic matting and framing.  The piece is 24″ square.  UPDATE:  This piece is now framed, photo to come.  Available for shipping.

Warhol Sunflowers


A Poinsetta: SOLD

framed, 12×12″….Just in time for the holiday season, Setta is all decked out for the halls.  Alcohol Inks and pen are her accouterments and she boasts a torched background on 3 mil copper with a lauan background.  An original, Setta is the first of her sisters to hit the market place and guaranteed to brighten your day.  She would make a fabulous gift for the holidays!


Setta’s Sister


Vertical Sunflowers…..SOLD

Sunflowers, Framed

This is Ginger, SOLD



Summer’s Colors, SOLD

This piece is called “Summers Colors”, it is approximately 30×10.5″ and has a fired and patina background, unframed

 Jodies Flowers:  SOLD

This piece is called Jodie’s Flowers… It’s 12″x30″ and is mounted on board, but not framed, so you can frame it to suit your decor.


Jodie’s Flowers


  Branch: SOLD

This piece is called “Branch”… appropriately enough!  It measures 12″x31” and is unframed, and can be hung vertically or horizontally.  The border is torched and has a beautiful fiery glow to it.  UPDATE: SOLD



Sunflower 1:  SOLD

Awww…. Sun E. Fower!  Isn’t she beautiful???  All adorned in alcohol Inks and pen, with her inked background….  She is the original Sunflower – and my FIRST non-fish copper piece.  What a special girl she is!  Begat of an original photo taken in my garden, she is special.  People say “wow!” when they see her in person and you will too….  She won’t last for sale long, so take a hard look!

Sun E. Flower

A Growing Love:  Not for Sale

I created this piece for a relative who is getting married (congratulations, Maria!!).  It represents an ever growing love with each heart being someone close to Maria – her family, her son and her fiance, Tim.   I plan on creating a few more… A perfect gift to say “I Love You”…. Ink and pen with a torched background.  The fire brought out beautiful colors.


A Growing Love

Poinsetta1: SOLD


Sunflower 2:  SOLD

Sun E. Too

Summers End:

End O. Summer didn’t stay around long.  A few short days after she arrived, she was gone!  Sporting alcohol Inks and pen, with a torched background, she was irresistible…  Reminiscent of summer’s past, she is going to be custom framed by her wood working artisan purchaser…. I hope to show you pictures of her when finished!

End O. Summer


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11 Responses to Floral & Other Home Decor

  1. deedee says:

    oolala beautiful just beautiful.You are in an area where folks hunt and fish try some buck and doe. The only thing I didnt see was the picture size.love ya double me

  2. Laura Linfield says:

    I always knew you’d do spectacular things with your life. Glad I met and knew you.

  3. mary gertz says:

    Good Morning Ms Keller,

    I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen. I have a large piece of copper 0.25 36″ by 10′ to make my own back splash. I have fallen in love with your work. If I supplied the copper and gave you the left over would it be possible for you to do the back splashes. I think it is going to be two L corners of 22×44 and 15″ tall two smaller panels about 24 x 15 and 22 x 15. Please let me know ball park prices and if you are interested and how much time you would need to complete. I was looking t the paperwhites or Tritych sun flowers. Mary 303-253-0622 Thanks in advance for your time.

  4. sheela says:


    Great talent! I want to build my kid’s a hope chest out of the wood of an old flour mill that sits on our property. I would like to incorporate hammered metal on these hope chests. Will you be teaching a metal working class in late summer? Early fall? Or would you somehow be able to recommend a good instructional metal working how to booK? Where did you learn this art? I also want to make metal Christmas ornaments with small rivets etc

    Thanks and enjoy the upcoming week!

    • Kim Keller says:

      Hi Sheela,
      No, I don’t teach classes….I’m not sure I can be of much help as I am self taught. Trial and error – I just started by happenstance, looking through a magazine and saw a photo of machine stamped metal art. It reminded me of a junior high project in which they gave us copper and we embossed and then enameled it. Started web-searching copper and when it arrived I just dug in. Learned a lot along the way. I really think each artist should learn on their own – mistakes make the best insights and its best to ‘own’ your own journey.

  5. Terrie Kaufman says:


    I love your work but would like some prices……………..where do I find those?

  6. Deb Lane says:

    Hi Kim,

    I just saw the grapes and autumn leaves backsplash that you just sent to Linda in North Carolina! It is stunning. I have two glass doors over my stove for which I am considering other options. I do not have the actual sizes with me at work, but could you provide a basic price list of your work. There may be other ideas that I would like to pursue as well.


  7. Roberta Wykoff says:

    Hi Kim,
    I received your red tulips piece as a gift and absolutely love it. We just added on a sun room and I’ve hung it out there. The colors look awesome! Do you have another piece that is approximately the same size (17 x 17 black frame) that would compliment the tulips? I want to bring out the red as an accent since the room is very neutral.. Please let me know. The tulips were purchased in Grove City. Thanks!

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